EdIt EnIgmatIc

LovE U DaD <3

 On a dark night, I was born;
Since then, U held me wid tender care & support;
Wid ideals & tuff rules that bugged me;
U made me witness a wonderful world.Small, silly, stupid talks I narrated;
People giggled, found them idiotic;
U made me find a lesson in all of them.

Wierd, crazy, out of d world dreams of mine;
I felt I’d cherish just as dreams forever;
U made them come true wid a BANG.

An accident, took u away from me;
I found u nowhere except in my cries;
I wept, lost my mind;
U made me witness d weaker side of me.

Things changed, my views on everything & anything;
Tuff times, loud cries, as if all went wrong;
I led your path, things were just set right;
U made me know I needed u all d time.

At times when jealous machines criticized;
All your lessons kept me strong;
U made me realize how cruel d world is.

All those times, when I went wrong;
U held my hand, taught me d right stuff;
Since then to now, I feel guilty on all my mistakes;
But now wid an empty hand;
U made me stick by my conscience.

Moments of victory & glory;
I found u nowhere to celebrate wid;
Yet, your encouragement kept me going on;
U made me climb up d ladder so high.

And now, people see “U” in “ME”;
Proudest moment ever in my life;
U made me a proud daughter.


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SMILE, has been the best jewel of lyf….!


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