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The Big Fat Indian Wedding :)

A week to my marriage

I woke up only to fall back asleep

Only To witness the rage

Of an angelic wedding in my heart so deep

I dreamt following my Mr. Right

Whooping as an angel on a carriage

My 32 teeth out smile at his very sight

The next second- “I Love You” was his message

The big day was there-0n Feb 11

Nervous was I, seeking how would it all go

Flutters in stomach and splutters on all minds

Witnessing the marvelous decor of the hall

I walk down slow & in all elegance

Down the stoopy stairs

The very long royal blue gown spreading all over

Portraying me as an angel – similar to one in my dreams


Spectacular stage warmly welcomes

Complete it was with us at the center

People I know in front and the ones I love beside me

Happiness was bestowed upon ME

Phoolon ka taroon ka, sabka kehna hai                        2N1A6626

Ek hazaaron mein, meri behna hai

My sweet lil bro sings for me upright on stage

Tears of love flew down my cheek unknowingly

In Que they came, greeted and smiled

Tiny large n lovely gifts I held

Small pep talk with my husband

Had me forget d pain of burning heels

Next lovely morning I’m up with joy

Decked up n jewellery on

Up in d air I glide in a doli

As a queen did I truly feel

2N1A6935 2N1A6949 2N1A6967 2N1A7150

Moment he tied the mangalsutra

I was his all of my life

To be immensely loved and to love

Was the promise built in as his wife

The big fat Indian wedding was it

Pomp elegance royalty and cheer

Did people remember for further years

A dream come true n beyond that

Is what I’d cherish & relive 🙂



Tell me how you feel

Tell me what’s going on in your mind

Tell me of your deep down emotions

that keep you occupied

IMG_4404Tell me your secrets

for I shall know you better

Tell me your dreams

for I lead you up till there

Tell me all the little things

that are tangled around your head

Tell me all your worries

that make your eyebrows dwell down

Tell me how much you love

the extent you could go for me

Tell me that you care for me

in which ways and how?

Tell me you’re mine

and only mine till we die

Tell me you’ll walk by my side

all along in sadness and joy 🙂

There’s something in a RIDE with U <3

There’s something in a ride with U

Something magical in your look,

Intense enough to melt my heart

You pull me into your orbit


Tearing my fears apart

The way you look at me,

Light up my face with joy

Unspoken words

You want me to understand

I hug tightly to comfort U

Nudge on my head,

Is how U say U love me

Mild kiss in the air

Flies to touch my foolish heart

Dun U ever change, keep the breathless charm

B’coz I luv U

For the way U look through my eyes

All through the ride ❤

A Jackfruit like girl
her walls thorny & hard
to barge in being tough & sad
I dunno why U chose ME!
                                                                    Plump gal who’s much of a Guy
                                                                    her likes being your dislikes
                                                                    nothing in common
                                                                    I dunno what U see in ME!
An enigmatic personality
not much to be appreciated
who doesn’t put LOVE in words for U
I dunno why U care for ME!
                                                                     SMILE her possessed jewel
                                                                     shared nothing except that
                                                                     was that all U ever needed?
                                                                     I dunno why U love ME!
This belief of mine
helplessness & guilt filled
might vanish all for once
Convince ME I’m Wrong …..

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