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My first SYW post – Excited :)

” Share your World”- Yes, I’d surely do now that I’m a part of SYW just since this moment.


I check out the recent SYW  prompt, and I see the questions are inspired by Chris’s post of an introvert that I loved reading two days back. Nice kick-start to me. I’m all so excited to be a part of SYW.

Here are my answers to those amazing questions.

Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending with quiet time alone?                                                                                                                         FRIENDS- They’re my medicine for whatever shortcomings I go through, even if the cause for trouble was them. A long ride with cool breeze kissing your cheeks, a bang on chat on absolutely silly stupid topic, looking at our facebook pics together, scream looking at the sky from terrace, cook together which turns out to absolute carbon black all time :D. All these things would just charge me up with lots & lots of spirits to do any work that’s tagged IMPOSSIBLE. The problem prior would be just lost in my mind. That’d be either solved or would it have vanished as that would be my last priority to give thought at the moment of joy. So yes, outing with friends, anytime.

What is the most number of blankets you’ve ever had on your bed?                                               I usually am used to just 1 blanket however cold it might be but that’s not my max. Its 2 as my mom affectionately draws in her blanket over me cuddling all hard when she senses I’m feeling cold. That’s how the heart of all moms are. Loves & hugs  

You are invited to a party that will be attended by many fascinating people you never met. Would you attend this party if you were to go by yourself?                                                                 I wouldn’t  as I surely know I’d feel so out of place. I’ve always needed to go along with someone close to me, be it anywhere. That’s my both strength and weakness.  

Do you like talking to people on the phone? Or do you prefer voice mail or email?                  Talk, Talk,Talk for endless hours….. Laughter, those little teeny-weeny gestures of ah, oh, hmm, aha been heard, silence for a moment on awkward stuff, blabbering sounds all just can be witnessed talking. that feel never comes to me in mails. Voice mail maybe I would consider for a while. Talking on the phone is the best for me. 🙂   

I’m done. I’m gonna love being part of ” Share Your World”.





Daily Prompt: The best of BFF’s Gyan

When it comes to BFF’s, luck has bestowed me in a handful of them whom I love unconditionally. The rapo we share is amazing & one worth cherishing even after death.
Yet, there’s always a best even among the better lot. So id the case with mine. One girl whose been my all time favorite BFF is just one big chunk of my roller coaster life. We’ve been together through thick & thin & now we share a bond that’s beyond limits of understanding.
Moments lived together, endless talks, crazy stuff we giggled doing it all brought us very close. She always said one thing to me that rings in my mind every now & then. 
                                                    “Trust your heart for you, Play the mind for others”
She had observed how gullible a person I was & how easily sways my thoughts accordingly to theirs rather than sticking to my own. She taught me how to stick by my conscience & what my heart thought & felt. That gyan kept me away from bad people who mislead others, who bitch around, who ill treat and much more.
That piece of advice of hers definitely has made me a better person now. I proudly take the honor to announce I’m  no more gullible. Yes, I do listen to all of what they say but I play my mind to change their thoughts if they’re on the wrong side of the aisle.
BFF’s advice Take it seriously and adapt. They know you better than you do. I just did.  it’s now your turn if you haven’t begun yet.


Sunday Photo Fiction: January 26th 2014.

“GET-SET-Go- the adventurous way” was the idea of 7 friends who won the football inter-college championship. They set out to explore a place they weren’t completely aware. That made it a “COOL ACT” for them.

Out they set and moved to this bridge, diving through, feeling refreshed by the calm water. They yelled out names, splashed water everywhere, giggled loads and even tried dancing against the odds of rushing water. How lovely is teenage to explore things & do stuff against all odds.

Joy was all around. Just when all seemed like a perfect victorious celebration, they were dragged down with massive force of water. It was unstoppable. Few yelled for help, few were perplexed, few just couldn’t figure out what was going on. They flooded in different directions, gasping, breathing hard, and yelling for help.

Two hit hard on the rock; they banged their head and died. This horrifying scene brings in the entire urge for the rest to survive somehow. Few cling onto the deep-rooted trees, few climb up the rocks and stay in the hope of survival.

Days pass and yet no help. Hunger and emotional run breakdown 3 more. Hope was bestowed in just those 2 friends who clinged onto their hope of again living the world they cherished. After a week, they were rescued by the police there.


Style- Tenderly Affirmative!

Tip to toe, style of his own
lovely smile, always shown; 
thoughts he does preach
admirable, factual, to heart they reach; 
tender care, love he spreads
makes him, the man of good deeds; 
his friendship, so strongly bound
happiness in abundance, all around; 
Support at hardships, held positive
lessons he taught, proper & curative; 
Joy & values, he has overflown everywhere
tells me, to be ME in here….! 

Weekly Photo Challenge: JOY :)

What can be more joyous for friends to share a piece of cake, that too this crazily?

 Check out my version of joy which is with my best friends when all gone crazy.



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