” EdIt EnIgmatIc”, I call myself.


As it says I’m puzzling, mysterious and not that easy to understand. On the contrary, I’m jovial & fun loving person who loves to pen down her thoughts about life, laughter, craziness & much more….! I love listening to soft melodious music. It makes me feel light & happy.

I ride in rain, cut my birthday cakes on the highway, scream hard standing on the highest rock, drive my bike up the mountain and much more crazy stuff that keeps the real ME ALIVE that sometimes gets hidden in the hustle bustle of the busy life and work.

My friends say I’m a JACKFRUIT. Tough outside but very tender & nice inside. Once people get through the first phase of knowing me, I’m all friendly and joyous with them. It’s quite true. I totally agree on their perception. šŸ™‚

I indulge myself in activities that help people in need & try lending a helping hand to make their lives better & happier. Presently I even work for an NGO. (Quite proud of it)

I was WIE Chairman of SIT IEEE Student branch, member of Supra 2012, editor of LIVEWIRE and other magazines and held many positions in various organizations at my college & school. Currently, I’m working at Ernst & Young.

I’m a beginner into blogging. I wanna explore myself through this blog by writing down on everything that matters to me the most. I’d look forward to your valuable feedback on my posts to make me a much better blogger than I’m now. šŸ™‚