Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert or Extrovert? Introvert, Extrovert………………………………….


My mind was never gonna stop until it found the apt answer. The article of being an introvert by Chris had literally made my heart pounce hard with this question. It was always on min. Everywhere & all the time.

I had to find an answer & how did I exactly start? Read all posts on this issue, googled, wiki’ed, TED, et etc . What & what not did I try? Ended it up by reading Cee’s article today. This research study of mine lead me into a huge trouble of answering another heapful of questions that erupted.

I had heard research work helps you find answers. Mine was a totally reverse case. It led me to the curiosity of answering the rest that were busy being popping one after the other in mind. Well, I gave a try to find answers even for them. Eventhough, I thought it’d be tiring,  at the end I was relieved & joy was all over my face.

Phew! Answer, I got it. 🙂


I always assumed I was an introvert but also had a slight doubt as to why I’m loud with my friends, why would I love talking to few particular people & why happiness is all to me??? Easiest way, I just presumed I was an introvert, so I couldn’t  be the same socializing, loving type person with all.

That truly isn’t the case. I’m an ambivert who loves being around people gaining social attention and even prefers a lone time to think upon at times. I am of this kind.

Reading the articles and comments upon various blogs, I found I wasn’t fully one of them. There were few things that I didn’t agree upon & have same thoughts as they had. That was my realization moment. if I was an introvert, I’d be just as them all.

“I’m something else. ” That’s when I began my research hunt.

Infinite other questions too answered. 🙂

So, it’s ” I’m an AMBIVERT”.  Are there any more in here ???