When it comes to BFF’s, luck has bestowed me in a handful of them whom I love unconditionally. The rapo we share is amazing & one worth cherishing even after death.
Yet, there’s always a best even among the better lot. So id the case with mine. One girl whose been my all time favorite BFF is just one big chunk of my roller coaster life. We’ve been together through thick & thin & now we share a bond that’s beyond limits of understanding.
Moments lived together, endless talks, crazy stuff we giggled doing it all brought us very close. She always said one thing to me that rings in my mind every now & then. 
                                                    “Trust your heart for you, Play the mind for others”
She had observed how gullible a person I was & how easily sways my thoughts accordingly to theirs rather than sticking to my own. She taught me how to stick by my conscience & what my heart thought & felt. That gyan kept me away from bad people who mislead others, who bitch around, who ill treat and much more.
That piece of advice of hers definitely has made me a better person now. I proudly take the honor to announce I’m  no more gullible. Yes, I do listen to all of what they say but I play my mind to change their thoughts if they’re on the wrong side of the aisle.
BFF’s advice Take it seriously and adapt. They know you better than you do. I just did.  it’s now your turn if you haven’t begun yet.