Sunday Photo Fiction: January 26th 2014.

“GET-SET-Go- the adventurous way” was the idea of 7 friends who won the football inter-college championship. They set out to explore a place they weren’t completely aware. That made it a “COOL ACT” for them.

Out they set and moved to this bridge, diving through, feeling refreshed by the calm water. They yelled out names, splashed water everywhere, giggled loads and even tried dancing against the odds of rushing water. How lovely is teenage to explore things & do stuff against all odds.

Joy was all around. Just when all seemed like a perfect victorious celebration, they were dragged down with massive force of water. It was unstoppable. Few yelled for help, few were perplexed, few just couldn’t figure out what was going on. They flooded in different directions, gasping, breathing hard, and yelling for help.

Two hit hard on the rock; they banged their head and died. This horrifying scene brings in the entire urge for the rest to survive somehow. Few cling onto the deep-rooted trees, few climb up the rocks and stay in the hope of survival.

Days pass and yet no help. Hunger and emotional run breakdown 3 more. Hope was bestowed in just those 2 friends who clinged onto their hope of again living the world they cherished. After a week, they were rescued by the police there.