“You’re the one I miss…..” is in dedication to my best friend who now is quite far located than where I stay. She’s the one who makes me be “the real ME” anywhere and everywhere. In her memoirs, my pen just flows writing this poem.

Times of life, When I had you
So close, Just beside Me
Rocked every bit of a moment Whohoooo
Antique & Unique (M.A.D.U) were We
You’re the one I miss…..
                                            On Christmas eve
                                           Plump Santa, all blush red
                                           To grab gifts, did all run upsleeve
                                           Yours to be the first, is what I need
                                           You’re the one I miss…..
Sharp 12 ‘o’ clock of 23rd July
L’il sleepy head, blurting Happy birthday
To surprise me, you did lie
“I Love you” is all I ever say
You’re the one I miss…..
                                           Ambiguity,Confusion & Anger
                                          When on mind, disasters occur aloud
                                          Those times, you-my mood changer
                                          Made me see, silver lining of my l’il cloud
                                          You’re the one I miss…..
Yummy pasta @ DB, I smell
Across the seat, your presence felt
Memoirs of past, in mind they dwell
Within a minute, they just melt
You’re the one I miss…..
                                          Sunday, my lazy morning
                                          Trring rings my mobile, & you scream
                                          ” Just 30 min”, comes an authoritative warning
                                          Ugh! me on time, just in dream
                                          You’re the one I miss…..
Friendship of yours, means my whole world
I’m aware, I rock & blossom yours too
“I LOVE US”, quote we foresee
In accordance, return now. Pack Go
You’re the one I miss…..